Will Arsenal Win the 2017 Premier League?

Every year, the English Premier League becomes the place where the new champion is born. The only question here is, who will be crowned in the next 2017 season?

A Long Path to Hold the Cup

There are many great football teams in the UK. All of them are more than qualified to bring back the cup. However, there is one team in particular that catches bettors’ attention at Bet365: Arsenal.

Why Arsenal Matters?

Arsenal may not be the richest or most popular team participating in the Premier League, but anybody can tell this fact. Arsenal is more than just qualified for the cup. For what reasons?

Here they are, as speculated by M88.

Skillful Players and Coach

There’s no doubt for this point. Arsene Wenger has been building his team since a long time ago. Several contracts were signed to ensure Arsenal will have enough firepower to draw their competitors away. Besides, as predicted by M88, all players have been trained long enough under Wenger, making them familiar with the way he trains, his strategies, his target, and most importantly, his goal. They’ve been trained to work not only as a football player, but also a team with bond as strong as a family has. If anyone wants to beat Arsenal, he should have thought twice.

Wenger’s Parting Gift

Soon, Arsene Wenger won’t be directing Arsenal. It’s time for him to part with the team he’s considered as family. After training the same team for more than 20 years, it’s never going to be an easy job to leave your team. So, let’s face it. Arsene Wenger wants to give the perfect parting gift for his team. Furthermore, he knows how desperate Arsenal fans are for a Premiere League title. Combine both of these and you’ll know how huge the motivation is Wenger has built to win the cup. He’s been training the team to be ready to become the champion, especially since the last 3 years. They slowly stepped to their victory and next year, it will be their time to bring back the cup.